Customer Support

NetXS is dedicated in providing a superior Customer Support experience. Our case processes enable us to deliver an unforgettable service experience to all of our customers though a systematic approach to handling cases. We leverage the case priority combined with our internal service level agreements and escalation process to ensure effective problem resolution. The components of the NetXS Case Processes establish a means for the Customer Support Team to meet and exceed customer expectations on time.

You represent an important client for NetXS, please be advised that if we are fortunate enough to be selected to work with your company, we will devote the attention and energy you require and share with you the same priority you deserve.

Remote Tech Support

Our skilled Tech-Support representatives can remotely access your system as if they are sitting right in front of it, offering you quick and on-the-spot solutions.

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Ticket Center

Our Cloud based ticketing system where you can create a new trouble ticket, check the status of your existing ticket or view your complete ticket history.

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Customer Dashboard

NetXS Dashboard is a free service for all our clients to monitor their network performance. From realtime statistics to historical graphs & much more, is just a click away.

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